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Employer's Monthly Tax Return and Reconciliation

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Janice Smith
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Income Tax Ordinance 2015-51
Income Tax Ordinance 2015-51 Detail

The Village of Roseville has mandatory filing regardless of income for residents ages 18 and over. Income taxes are to be filed by April 15 at 5pm even if an extension has been granted. If an extension is granted the extension must be filed by April 15 at 5pm. If April 15 falls on Saturday-Monday then taxes are due the following business day. For those who are both retired and age 65 or older for the entire year you will not be required to file local taxes.

Roseville's income tax rate is 1%. Since 2016 no tax credit is given for taxes paid to other municipalities. If individuals have a tax liability of $200 or more then you must file and pay declarations. Declarations are an estimation of taxes due and are to paid each quarter. For legislation details concerning the income laws and regulation see HB 5 Information.

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