Council Meeting Postponed

REGULAR Council Meeting RESCHEDULED FOR Tuesday, December 29, Tuesday starting 6:30pm via Zoom and Facebook.
Finance Meeting Tuesday, December 29th at 5:30pm via zoom and Facebook.
There is a lot that weighed into this postponement.
Police Department:Jeff Finley pulled his application over the weekend for Police Chief as he received a promotion and is no longer interested. Mayor reached out to another prospect and received another application as of Sunday. He is scheduling a time for an interview this week. Mayor Strate will be completing some background checks and references if the interview goes well. If the Mayor wants to recommend him to council it will give time for Council to receive his information ahead of time instead of getting it the day of Council meeting or waiting until January. Council and Public will also be able to meet him during the meeting.
As every other year we must hold a meeting at the latest possible day in December any way to go over financials, appropriations for 2021, and now Cares Act money. The Village received another round of funds which are being distributed to local businesses who need help fighting the pandemic by providing them with essential supplies. There has been an overwhelming response by our local business owners who need supplies. This can't be completed until Dec 29th and the deadline is December 31st. I ordered the first round that was delivered last Friday but there are more supplies coming due to back orders delays. Distribution to these businesses will start next week.
We will also need to hold a finance meeting to go over the 2020 year budget and 2021 revenue and appropriations, and the next audit coming.
There will also be several projects closed out by December 29th. As you can see the Grocery Store is rounding the corner, the sidewalk project, bridge, the ungemach building should be completed by then, and also the Asbestos Inspection Report will be completed for the Access Road on Main Street, and Abandon gas station will be ready for the next bid.
The trash hauling will also be ready to award. The lowest and best bidder will be announced. Fiscal Officer Milner is making sure all paperwork is completed and in place. A resolution will be prepared for the 29th.
This is a lot of information but wanted to get this information out there.

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