Roseville Village Council Seat Open

What are village council members responsible for?
Council establishes policies and enacts legislation to implement those policies. The policies and legislation of Council are executed through the Village administration under the direction of the Mayor. The exercise of the legislative authority of Council is made through the passage of ordinances or resolutions.

The Village of Roseville Council is accepting letters of interest to fill an unexpired term. The term expires December 31, 2021. Submit your letter of interest to Heidi Milner, Chief Fiscal Officer at or drop/mail it to 107 N. Main Street.

Council will then listen to each qualified candidate during a council meeting. They have the option to vote on the candidates directly, defer it to the Mayor, or take it under advisement. Council has 30 days to decide on a candidate. If council defers it to the Mayor, is unable to obtain a majority during a ballot vote, or is unable to fill the vacancy within the time frame then the Mayor will appoint a council member.

Qualification to become an appointed council member is the same as being elected.

Ohio Revised Code
Section 731.12 Qualifications of members of village legislative authority.
Effective: August 22, 1995
Legislation: House Bill 99 - 121st General Assembly

Each member of the legislative authority of a village shall have resided in the village one year
immediately preceding the member's election, and shall be an elector of the village. No member of
the legislative authority shall hold any other public office, be interested in any contract with the
village, or hold employment with said village, except that such member may be a notary public, a
member of the state militia, or a volunteer fireman of said village, provided that such member shall
not receive any compensation for his services as a volunteer fireman of the village in addition to his
regular compensation as a member of the legislative authority. Any member who ceases to possess
any of such qualifications or who removes from the village shall forfeit the member's office.

The purpose of establishing a one-year residency requirement in this section is to recognize that the
state has a substantial and compelling interest in encouraging qualified candidacies for election to the
office of member of the legislative authority of a village by ensuring that a candidate for such office
has every opportunity to become knowledgeable with and concerned about the problems and needs
of the area the candidate seeks to represent. In enacting this requirement, the general assembly finds
that the one-year period is reasonably related to this purpose, while leaving unimpaired a person's
right to travel, to vote, and to be a candidate for public office.

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